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High-quality bicycle parking facilities for the city of Vienna

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Ends on: 26.09.2024
  1. Call and submissions
    Current phase: 26.06.2024 - 26.09.2024
  2. Queries begins on 27.09.2024
  3. Jury evaluation begins on 09.10.2024
  4. Announcement of the winners from 06.11.2024
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The increasing use of bicycles as everyday means of transportation, the rising value of bicycles, and the growth of e-bikes in urban areas are driving demand for high-quality and secure parking facilities.
For public spaces, the city of Vienna already provides a simple, widespread locking option known as the ‘Viennese hoop.’ This primarily addresses the need for short-term parking. However, due to increased requirements for space efficiency, safety, weather protection, and the use of higher-value bicycles or a more diverse range of usage scenarios (such as overnight parking at the end of commuting routes), additional solutions are of interest.

To make everyday cycling more attractive for Vienna’s population, innovative solutions are necessary. Particularly at major transportation hubs, there is demand for expanded parking options, such as bike stations or bike garages. Bicycles are often left unattended during the day at public transportation nodes, as they are part of commuters’ overall travel chain. Additionally, high-quality bicycle parking can enhance cycling in existing residential areas within the city. Therefore, providing options for longer-term parking, both for commuting routes and residents in apartment buildings, is essential.

The main challenges for bicycle parking facilities include:

  • Limited space availability in dense urban areas
  • Lack of security against theft and vandalism
  • High maintenance, operational, and cleaning efforts
  • Suitability for all common bicycle models used in daily life
  • Lack of weather protection
  • Integration into the public space in terms of design and functionality


Which innovative solutions enable high-quality, space-efficient, secure, and easy bicycle parking in urban areas?

Desired result

Vienna has set the goal of becoming climate-neutral by 2040 and aims to strengthen the environmental network (walking, cycling, and public transportation) and multimodality. We are seeking solutions for the entire urban area, with a focus on bicycle parking at public transportation hubs for commuters and in residential areas where building-based bicycle storage is not feasible. The goal is to provide suitable options for both short-term needs (a few hours) and long-term usage (up to yearly rentals).

The following minimum requirements should be considered:

  • Basic requirements for bicycle parking (stability, lockable, lighting, maneuvering space, etc.)
  • Space efficiency (compact design)
  • Accessibility (24/7, 365 days a year)
  • Security (robustness, theft protection, vandalism prevention, effective access control, etc.)
  • User-friendliness (clear instructions, low effort for operation, etc.)
  • Unified and vendor-neutral access system for all facilities, even when using different types of installations (both digital and offline solutions, e.g., QR codes, apps, and terminals)
  • Scalability (expandability based on increasing demand or adaptability to locations with varying needs)
  • Functional modularity (retrofitting and adaptability for necessary technical features)
  • High-quality design (proportions, harmonious color choices, recognizable elements for citywide mobility branding, high-quality and durable materials, etc.)

Additionally, the following criteria are positively evaluated:

  • Modular expandability (monitoring systems, charging infrastructure, reservation options, payment systems, etc.)
  • Weather protection (modular construction to add shelter where local coverage is lacking)
  • Resource-efficient material use (environmentally friendly materials, minimal material usage, etc.)
  • Service contracts for ongoing operation (cleaning, maintenance, removal of abandoned bicycles, customer service, technical support hotline, booking management, and usage evaluation)

Excluded from the scope:

  • Conceptual services (since we are in the market exploration phase, detailed concepts, designs, or feasibility studies are not necessary)
  • Submission of solutions such as staffed bicycle stations that require additional on-site personnel resources
  • Submission of “standard solutions” such as simple bike racks (unless they are part of an innovative overall solution for high-quality bicycle parking)

In summary, the City of Vienna is searching for space-efficient, secure, user-friendly, and in terms of urban design appealing bicycle parking facilities to accommodate the growing number of bicycles. A holistic solution is being sought that can selectively expand the existing simple and robust system of bike racks to a higher standard - i.e. a combination of appropriate hardware (parking facilities) and software (access system). However, it is possible to submit partial solutions or individual modules.

Call for submissions

Seize the opportunity within this market exploration to showcase your specific solution approaches and highlight the potential for designing high-quality bicycle parking facilities in Vienna to meet diverse needs according to the specified criteria. Submit your proposal via our online form by September 26, 2024 end of day latest:

Outline your solution idea(s) or specific product for the described challenge.
Focus on feasibility and consider the evaluation criteria.
Feel free to provide reference examples and showcase your expertise and implementation experience.

Value Proposition Summary:
Clearly state your unique selling points and key advantages.
Align with the requirements mentioned above.

Confidential Information for the Jury (optional):
Use this field to share information exclusively with the project owners.
Provide an overview of the financial implications and effort, referencing a relevant project if possible (no detailed cost breakdown required).

PDF Visualization:
Create a visual representation of your solution. Share a floor plan or sketch in PDF format.
The file should complement the text fields without repetition.

Title Image:
Include a visually appealing title image for your submission overview.

Save the Date: Reserve November 21, 2024, for market discussions during the Innovation Dialogue.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Consider forming a consortium with multiple project partners offering a joint solution. Keep your presentation concise (approximately 10-15 slides or 3-4 A4 pages). As we are in the market exploration phase, detailed designs or feasibility studies are not necessary for this occasion.

Benefits of the challenge and further project development

With this challenge, the City of Vienna gains an overview of potential solutions and potential partners. The internal expert jury invites companies whose solutions stand out positively based on the evaluation criteria to an innovation dialogue.

For companies, this opportunity means:
By participating in the challenge, you get on the radar of the public client (City of Vienna). Your submission remains visible as your business card even after the challenge concludes, attracting further interest. You position yourself for public procurement projects. If you are among the winners and receive an invitation to the final innovation dialogue, you can present your solution directly to project stakeholders.

This process fosters awareness and understanding of suitable innovations on the part of the public client. It’s crucial for considering innovative approaches in potential procurement projects under the Federal Procurement Act.

Do you have the right solution?
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Questions about the challenge

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